I first tried [the DPV] on the TV show ĎNext Stepí at the Jupiter ship wreck. Since then, I have often used one on salvage and archaeological projects and swear by your magnetic switch. Itís the only one that doesn't clog from sand, and is pretty much indestructible.
Steve Singer
Singer Marine Systems, Inc
Undersea Survey, Search & Salvage

This summer we are making another video for TV. Your Torpedo will be in it. This is by far better than the others. I know because I have used them all.
Capt. Carl Fismer
Spanish Main Treasure Company


Imagine a product that will enhance your underwater explorations.

Imagine a product that will help you see more, locate better photo subjects, find more lobsters and bigger fish.

Imagine a product that can lower your air consumption up to 50%, and give you 5 times more range over normal scuba propulsion.

Imagine that this product is affordable, user friendly, reliable and really fun to operate.

The Torpedo DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) is designed to provide divers with greater mobility and less air consumption, giving them more bottom time (within tables) and far greater range.

Scuba Divers pursue their sport to experience the fun and excitement of the underwater world. A DPV can enhance this experience by providing greater mobility and extended time while using less effort. The Torpedo DPV has been developed specifically for ease in operation and maneuverability. Hydrodynamically engineered with precision balance, our unique design was specifically developed to keep the operation and maintenance easy and simple. Every DPV is factory tested to a depth of 170 feet to ensure that all design specifications have been achieved.